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YouTube Channel for Children: Run to Win with Kiojah and Lee †

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Run to Win with Kiojah and Lee is a YouTube channel and my idea to use Kiojah and Lee’s experiences to encourage and disciple children in the teachings and ways of Jesus Christ. Whether teaching, coaching, mentoring or just conversing with a friend, I have used my words to build people up. My YouTube channel is a platform to share the love and message of Jesus with anyone who would like to listen. Although The Kiojah and Lee Book Series isn’t Christian literature, the characters in the stories are open about their religious faith just like they are about other aspects of their lives. I wanted the stories to be realistic in cultural elements that form children’s identities. I believe that children should learn to celebrate their identity and embrace cultural diversity at young ages. I think this is the key to healing so much of the tensions that have plagued generations of people in the United States and abroad.

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