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Meet the characters

Meet the Characters

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Lee Malcom Hughes

Lee Hughes

Greetings. I am Lee Malcom Hughes. My family, my friends, learning, graphic design, shopping - I’m here for these things. Oh yeah, I also show up big time in the kitchen, on the basketball court, on the dance floor and in the choir on Sunday mornings. That’s right - I can sing, and I praise the Lord. I’m perfect- well, I was perfect before I got juvenile arthritis. I handle it, though. Mama says I don’t have to always try to be the best at everything. Yeah, yeah but that just takes the fun out of most stuff! My dad is a high school coach, so he understands my need to always come out with a “W.” So I compete, laugh, argue and carry on making the school day more interesting. I know my stuff- my Mama ain’t raise no dummy. Plus, I help other people shine. According to my twin sister Kiojah, I always do “extra.” But my friends love me, and I don’t care what any haters think.

I am...



A Leader



I am...






Kiojah Hughes

Hey y’all. I’m Kiojah Hughes. I hope you’re doing well- having a good day and all. Most of my days are good. God is great, my school is cool, my friends are the best, and my family is amazing. You can find me reading, writing in my journal, or sleeping. I also like jogging club, playing 3-on-3 basketball, cheerleading and chilling with my people. So how could someone as blessed as me ever have a bad day? Sometimes my day is bad if people I care about are having a bad day. Every now and then I get into trouble with my twin brother Lee and our crew. I lowkey love it when my friends get me to try new things even if we end up in a mess. My parents are nice, but I don’t  try them too much. Our Nana lives with us so that’s like having a super parent around all the time. I just want everyone to be happy, you know? 

Kiojah Hughes

Fallon Gunner

Fallon Gunner

Hello. Call me Star. My parents named me Fallon Gunner. Star isn’t my nickname or anything. It’s just that I’m bright, sparkly and outstanding. Seriously. I’m the baby in our family, and out of four children, I’m the only one crowned with fire red curls. I live for shopping with my mom. My sisters Blake and Avery take me everywhere they go so my hair and nails are always on fleek. Now when it comes to school, call me Shooting Star. I am far above these little kids. I make the best grades, and I am great at sports. That’s why I have followers. Yes, I’m on social media, but I literally have followers. You know, some girls like everything I say and do because losing my friendship would mean they are forgotten. My mom is a popular pediatrician and my dad is successful in real estate. We spend our summers traveling the world and doing humanitarian work. What’s not to love about me?

I am...






I am...


Sneaky (a little)




Areebah Ibrahim

Salaam ‘aleikum. What’s up? I’m Areebah Ibrahim. Let me be real with you, I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t hear the word “No.” I like getting my way. I guess this is good and bad. I might be a little rebellious, but this makes me fun, bold, and a good problem solver. I love technology, learning about new electronics, music, and fashion. When I’m not in class, I’m with the Girls Who Code and Robotics Clubs, researching the latest devices and apps, traveling for modeling, jamming at a concert, or enjoying house parties with my family and friends. My family was a normal Muslim family from Egypt until my parents divorced two years after we moved to the United States. Now I live with my mother, who keeps my brother and me true to our Arabic language and Islamic faith. I see my dad only on holidays and vacations because he’s a busy doctor and professor at a teaching hospital in Cali. That’s about it. Ma’a salaameh.

Areebah Ibrahim
Lucas Luke Li

Lucas "Luke" Li

How’s it going? I’m Lucas “Luke” Li. I like to think of myself as a man of action. I do it all. I skateboard, play video games, cook, draw, and I’m the youngest volunteer at the teaching hospital in Sofia’s dad’s lab. Man, my mind is always going. I have good ideas for pranks, jokes, classwork, recipes, art and everything. Sometimes I annoy people because I like to play around. I’m the only boy in my family so I get a lot of attention. Without me my parents and three sisters would be beyond bored. My mom is a news anchor and an investigative journalist for a national news company. Sometimes her work leaves us at home all week with our dad who is an occupational therapist. He’s a serious dude, but I know he loves my foolishness. 

I am...






Yo soy...






Sofia Sanchez

¡Oye! Me llamo Sofia. Soy de la isla de Puerto Rico. I am learning English and I like living in the United States. Me gusta la música, el fútbol y los deportes, los juegos, cocinar y estudiar historia. My dad is a student, teaching assistant, and researcher in a laboratory at the university here in town. This is where he met Lee and Kiojah’s mom. My dad is always busy especially since my mother left when I was 7. He works hard to make us a nice home with art, music, photos, and food that reminds us of the life we left. My friends here at my new school are crazy, but I am very happy when I am around them.

Sofia Sanchez
Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith

Whassup? What are you looking at? I know you like what you see. Yeah, I’m Jordan Smith. I’m doing school right now because my parents make me go. I would rather be free than to be in school all day. I hate reading. I am good at math, science, singing, dancing and gymnastics. If it wasn’t for my best friends, the twins, and our crew, I wouldn’t do much of this school stuff. Period. Don’t judge me. I used to like school, but I was bullied in 2nd and 3rd grade. At first, the boys didn’t want me around. Then they picked at me for hanging too much with the girls. Now I’m savage. I love myself. I say what’s on my mind, and I will speak with these hands if necessary. I’m down for my friends so anybody who comes for them has to go through me. I can make people laugh or I can make them cry. I like to confront lies, but I like to spread lies too. I can get my classmates to cool down or I can get them heated. 

I am...






I am...






Hey everybody. My name is James “Jimmie” Wright. I’m a country boy. I got a business mind. I got hard hands. Yep, I help my older brothers Paul and Tim sometimes with my dad's construction company. I’m even learning how to do those digital blueprints. They let me practice on a plan to create our fancy chicken coop. Now I'm working on a plan to add two rooms to our house next year. Every morning I wake up early before school with my sisters Liz and Abi to check on our cows and chickens. We show livestock. I won two blue ribbons since I’ve been competing. I work hard, and I’m good with my money. I work even harder in school, but nobody can tell it. Or at least that’s how I feel.  School just ain’t been my thing like it was for my brothers and sisters. I don’t like knowing so much about business and the farm and going to school feeling like I don’t know nothing. Anyway, I got a great teacher, cool tutor and real good friends so it ain't so bad.

James  "Jimmie" Wright

James Jimmie Wright
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