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Time to Read and Carry on with Kiojah and Lee: Announcing Book 2

I’m happy to announce that the second book of The Kiojah and Lee Book series, Can You Handle the Truth?, is here! This will be a good read as children end testing, wind down from a busy school year, and get ready for summer. Can You Handle the Truth? is available for purchase online in paperback and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million.


As winter holidays draw near, the weather cools down, but the tension heats up for twins Kiojah and Lee Hughes in Can You Handle the Truth? Kiojah is excited when the new student in Ms. Ferguson's class wants to be her friend. However, Kiojah has to make some tough decisions when her mother feels differently about this new friendship. If drama at school isn't enough, each day Kiojah and Lee face an unusual bully as they walk home from school. The twins are encouraged to stand up for themselves, but their plan backfires, causing them even more trouble. Finally, Kiojah and Lee learn a real-world lesson about confronting difficult situations with the right attitude.

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