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Don't Bring Me Bad News

Cover Sketch of Dont Bring Me Bad News

Lee, a competitive over-achiever, thinks he needs everything and everyone to be perfect just for him to have a good day. He has to have a freshly faded haircut, sport the latest fashion, and make the best grades on class assignments.  Lee believes he is definitely above the wild kids on the substandard morning news team he joins at the beginning of the school year. The bad news crew forces Ms. Patel, the school’s new media specialist, to reconsider having a student-produced news show. Every day Lee complains to Kasey about the broadcast bloopers and crazy conflict between the members of the news team.

Kasey, the timid twin, admires Lee’s boldness to be a news anchor. Her insecurities stop her from even telling Lee about the new thing she wants to try. When the Hughes family gets real bad news, a challenge Lee faces shakes his entire family.  As Kasey encourages Lee, maybe she will cultivate the courage and confidence she needs to pursue the thing she really likes. Lee’s new struggle could make him rethink what makes a day good and how much patience he has for the struggling news team and for himself.

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